Covid-19 Research

Volume 3 - Issue 11

November 2022

IndexCopernicus ICV 2022: 83.03

Open access to Biomedical Research and Environmental Sciences

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  1. Research Article in Internal Medicine, Gerontology, Public Health, Epidemiology

    Characterization of Patients with Chronic Diseases and Complex Care Needs: A New High-Risk Emergent Population

    Bernabeu Wittel M*, Garcia Romero L, Murcia Zaragoza J, Gamez Mancera R, Aparicio Santos R, Diez Manglano J, Lopez de la Fuente M, Vogt Sanchez EA, Villarino Marzo M, Aquilino Tari A, Herranz Martinez S, Diaz Jimenez P, Ollero Baturone M, Rosich Peris MP and Cronicom Project researchers

  2. Case Report in Pulmonology, Surgery

    Minimally Invasive Surgical Approach to Decompress a Multi-Loculated Abscess in the Thoracic Spine: A Case Report

    Andre Evaristo Marcondes Cesar*, Leonardo Mousinho, Ricardo Rodriguez Ferreira, Lucas Ponich Clementino, Wilker Herkson de Almeida Oliveira, Tiago Ernesto Fabris Cezar, Blanca Elena Guerrero Daboin and Luciano Miller Reis Rodrigues

  3. Case Report in Hematology

    Prolonged Viral Shedding and Multiple Admissions Due to SARS-CoV-2-Associated Pneumonia in a Patient with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: A Case Report

    Sergio Espana-Cueto, Jose Ramon Santos*, Oscar Blanch-Lombarte, Joan-Ramon Grifols, Gemma Llados, Cristina Lopez, Daniel Molina-Morant, Maria Nevot, Edwards Pradenas, Benjamin Trinite, Esther Jimenez-Moyano, Ruth Pena, Silvia Marfil, Mariona Parera, Francesc Catala, Agueda Hernandez-Rodriguez, Antoni Escalas, Ignacio Blanco, Veronica Saludes, Elisa Martro, Carla Rovirosa, Eva Riveira-Munoz, Teresa Puig, Christelle Ferra, Carmen Fernandez-Arias, Julia Blanco, Ester Ballana, Bonaventura Clotet, Pere J Cardona, Marc Noguera-Julian, Julia Garcia-Prado, Lourdes Mateu, Marta Massanella and Roger Paredes

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Academic Editors

  • Razvigor Darlenski
    Trakia University
  • Hong Jiang D
    Ocean University
  • Serpil Tuna
    Akdeniz University Medical School
  • Gordon G. Gallup
    State University of New York
  • Mohamed Ateia
    Clemson University

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