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Triggered by Covid-19? Large Vascular Occlusion Resulting in Cytokine Storm Syndrome and Kounis Syndrome: A Case Report1

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It has been widely reported that infections caused by coronaviruses, especially SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19), can result in cytokine storm syndrome, one of the causes of acute cerebrovascular disease and ‘kounis syndrome’. An 87-year-old male patient, who did not have any chronic diseases apart from hypertensions, was admitted to our emergency department with mental fog and right-sided weakness in the absence of the typical symptoms of Covid-19 (such as fever, cough). In addition to evidence of left middle cerebral artery infarction in Computerized Tomography (CT) of the brain, there were infiltrative findings compatible with Covid-19 in thorax CT. Here, we discuss this case in the light of the literature, assuming that inflammation (cytokine storm) and hypercoagulopathy induced by Covid-19 may have presented with large vessel occlusion and kounis syndrome as a result of increased risk of arterial thrombosis.

Ayfer Ertekin*
Volume2-Issue1 | Published: 2021-01-29

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