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Assessment of the Microorganisms Isolated from Artificial Eyelash Users

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Iyevhobu KO*, Babatope IO, Airefetalor AI, Omolumen LE, Ken-Iyevhobu BA, Omolumen BA, Abaku PO and Oseni DI

Dates: Received: 2023-10-01 | Accepted: 2023-10-19 | Published: 2023-10-23
Pages: 1455-1460


Eyelashes are shed, like other types of hair, from the follicle. Each eyelash has its own growth cycle (anaphase) that lasts six to eight weeks so that most eyelashes are present to maintain their collective protective mechanisms. This project work is to identify the microorganisms isolated from eye lashes users of students in Ekpoma. Eyelashes of the students were swabbed with a sterile swab stick that was soaked with normal saline. The swab stick was immediately replaced in its casing and labeled appropriately. Each specimen was refrigerated at 4°C as soon as it was collected. The bacteria isolates are Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella spp while the fungi isolates were Rhizopus spp and Candida albicans. The percentage prevalence of organisms isolated from the study. Staphylococcus aureus 25 (36.2%), Klebsiella spp 14 (20.3%), Rhizopus spp 11 (15.98%) and Candida albicans 19 (27.8%). The Staph aureus in the study was sensitive to Erythromycin, Gentamycin, Ciprofloxacin and Norfloxacin while the other antibiotics were resistant. Eyelash fixing can seriously predispose patronizing females to eye injury. The eye is a very important but delicate organ of the body; therefore it needs to be well protected to maintain one’s sight. Eyelash fixing is inimical to the eyelid and could be detrimental to vision and therefore the obsession on eyelash extension should be curbed.

FullText HTML FullText PDF DOI: 10.37871/jbres1818

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© 2023 Iyevhobu KO, et al. Distributed under Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0

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Iyevhobu KO, Babatope IO, Airefetalor AI, Omolumen LE, Ken-Iyevhobu BA, Omolumen BA, Abaku PO, Oseni DI. Assessment of the Microorganisms Isolated from Artifi cial Eyelash Users. J Biomed Res Environ Sci. 2023 Oct 23; 4(10): 1455-1460. doi: 10.37871/jbres1818, Article ID: JBRES1818, Available at:

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