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The Art of Nanoimmunobiotechnomedicine in Stem Cells and Gene Editing

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Dito Anurogo*

Dates: Received: 2023-09-11 | Accepted: 2023-09-28 | Published: 2023-09-30
Pages: 1348-1369


This comprehensive review provides an exploration of Nanoimmunobiotechnomedicine (NIBTM) within the arenas of stem cells and gene editing. Encompassing the interdisciplinary amalgamation of nanotechnology, immunology, biotechnology, and medicine, the study accentuates the transformative potential of NIBTM in therapeutic innovations. By delving deep into stem cell biology, gene editing intricacies, and nanotechnology applications, the study sheds light on the tools and methodologies that leverage nanoparticles for both stem cell research and gene editing. Real-world case studies are employed to underscore the pragmatic applications and the ensuing benefits. Additionally, the study addresses the ethical, safety, and regulatory aspects tied to this novel approach, offering a balanced view of its promise and challenges. Ultimately, the narrative charts the imminent evolution of NIBTM, underscoring the indispensable role of interdisciplinary collaborations in driving holistic solutions in contemporary medicine.

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Anurogo D. The Art of Nanoimmunobiotechnomedicine in Stem Cells and Gene Editing. J Biomed Res Environ Sci. 2023 Sep 30; 4(9): 1348-1369. doi: 10.37871/jbres1804, Article ID: JBRES1804, Available at: jbres1804.pdf

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