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Community Satisfaction with Pharmacists Interventions Over 8 Months from COVID-19 Spread in Jordan: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Odate K Tadros*, Shereen Arabiyat, Tamara Al-Daghastani and Deema Jaber

Dates: Received: 2022-09-19 | Accepted: 2022-09-26 | Published: 2022-09-27
Pages: 1112-1117


Objective: To measure participants’ satisfaction with community pharmacists’ pharmaceutical services during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Methods: This study was cross-sectional. Google Forms was used to create a survey. Social media was used to spread the survey. Questions were designed to measure the goals; a scale was used to measure the level of participant satisfaction.
Measures: This survey was designed to measure the community opinion of pharmacists’’ role, commitment to safety measures, counseling during the pandemic, and their help in spreading scientific information regarding this virus; during the pandemic and then 8 months after the pandemic was declared. Data sets were compared, and the results were analyzed.

Results: One-thousand-one-hundred-fifteen people participated in this study; 575 at the beginning and 540 at 8 months after the initial outbreak. Significant differences were found: pharmacists’ commitment to wearing gloves was less after 8 months (p < 0.001); pharmacists had a better role in explaining the difference between flu and COVID-19 infection after 8 months; satisfaction with pharmacists’ commitment to safety rules was significantly less after 8 months (p = 0.003).

Conclusion: The observed high level of participant satisfaction reflects the pharmacists’ efforts. But pharmacists must follow the scientific evidence that supports the proper wearing and removal of gloves. We also found that counseling has been associated with improvement in participants’ opinions about pharmacists’ information.

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© 2022 Tadros OK, et al. Distributed under Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0

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Tadros OK, Arabiyat S, Al-Daghastani T, Jaber D. Community Satisfaction with Pharmacists’ Interventions Over 8 Months from COVID-19 Spread in Jordan: A Cross-Sectional Study. J Biomed Res Environ Sci. 2022 Sep 27; 3(9): 1112-1117. doi: 10.37871/jbres1563, Article ID: JBRES1563, Available at:

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