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The Relationship between Intakes of Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Age at Menarche, Hemoglobin Status and Physical Activity with Menstrual Cycles in Female Students at Smait Al-Ichwan Cikarang Utara-Indonesia

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Isma Nurhalisa and Moesijanti YE Soekatri*

Dates: Received: 2022-06-17 | Accepted: 2022-06-25 | Published: 2022-06-30
Pages: 742-747


Background: Adolescence is the period of transition from children becoming adults that is marked by the occurrence of puberty, namely menstruation. At that time there was a change in the reproductive system that allows the occurrence of disturbances, one of which is menstrual cycle disorders.

Aim: Based on data from RISKESDAS (basic health survei) (2013), it shows that the percentage of menstrual cycle irregularities at the age of 10-29 years is 16.4% (RISKESDAS (basic health survei). Irregular menstrual cycles in adolescent girls aged 15-19 years are 11.7% and as many as 14.9% women who live in urban areas in Indonesia.

Methods: Samples were taken by using purposive sampling technique; it is obtained a sample of 35 students from grade 11 and 12 aged 16-18 years at SMAIT-Al-Ichwan Cikarang Utara. Data on the age at menarche and menstrual cycle with the method of interview used a questionnaire, food intake was obtained from 2x24 hours food recall form that is not in a row and hemoglobin status used Easy Touch Blood Hb tool conducted by nurses. Physical activity data was obtained by filling out a form and the results were calculated by using the PAR/PAL method. Statistical analysis used a chi-square test and used a fisher exact test value.

Results: The results of the reserach showed that there is no significant relationship between the intake of iron, folic acid, vitamin C and physical activity on menstrual cycle (p > 0.05).

Conclusion: This conclusion constitues there is a significant relationship between hemoglobin status on menstrual cycle (p = 0.005).

FullText HTML FullText PDF DOI: 10.37871/jbres1508

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© 2022 Nurhalisa I, et al. Distributed under Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0

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Nurhalisa I, Soekatri MYE. The Relationship between Intakes of Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Age at Menarche, Hemoglobin Status and Physical Activity with Menstrual Cycles in Female Students at Smait Al-Ichwan Cikarang Utara-Indonesia. J Biomed Res Environ Sci. 2022 June 30; 3(6): 742-747. doi: 10.37871/jbres1508, Article ID: JBRES1508, Available at:

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